Deepening – back by request!

Healing is messy, wonderful, transformational… Powerful.

It carries with it tears, and joy… It lies in the past, the present and the future – and most of all, it lies within you. This body, this Be-ing. Within this present moment NOW. From here, and NOW, we are each able to create and hold those Visions of the Future we choose to experience… Letting go of old limiting beliefs, we are able to be more present – and dream and vision what comes next…

It is through our body – our Be-ing – that we are able to access and feel into our Healing. Bringing Soul into this physical space can allow the healing to be transformational as insights arise from within this place of connection…

I first ran aspects of this as a course in 2020, weaving many strands together to create “Deepening” in 2021. I’ve been asked to run it again this year – 2022. Not much notice I know but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to fit it in as we’re away travelling at the end of September…

PLEASE CHECK THE DATES OF THE LIVE SESSIONS! You do not need to join all the live sessions, or even any of them, as recordings will be sent to you, and there are a variety of lessons that you can use to deepen into. There is a magic which unfolds on the Live calls if you do choose to join those…

Link here for more details.

In Joy, with Gratitude for your Presence , NOW. 💙💜💗


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