Nourish to Flourish

It’s not perfect, but it’s happening…

Whoop whoop! Its starting tomorrow… Well, the live sessions are, and I’ll be adding to the content as we journey together… Jump on the live sessions, or take your time with the recorded content… 😉

Transformational work, play, meditations, practises, tips, worksheets and MORE to NOURISH your FLOURISHING SELF!

And in true Morag, or perhaps Mercury Style – I’ve done no marketing whatsoever, changed my hosting platform as I got going with writing content and and and – all that logistical stuff which has meant I’m diving deeper into the design process – but forgetting about the public image… 

Face palm here… 

What can I say – the sun was shining, and the trees and land pulled me outside to talk with them and walk barefoot, connecting with Soil, with my own Soul and Intuitions… I came back in stronger and more focussed with the work… (But that’s a story for another time…)

Never mind, it’ll be small.  It’ll be as it is. (I was going to say gentle – but that might imply that there won’t be any tears – and I can’t promise that…)  

For those of you who have done this work with me before – this one will be somewhere between Deepening, and Embed Love, with a bit of Future Visioning thrown in… The intention is NOURISH – to take a look – a deep dive – into all the aspects of healing, deepening, NOURISHING that we deserve – and where we perhaps forget to engage with these… And, how, when we do – it can take us deeper into our own Joy, our own Nourishment – and from there – you got it – FLOURISH! 

For now – here’s the link to the NEW sales page, just in case you would like to know more… 😉


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