Buzzing Powerful Ideas…

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”

Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

I found myself thinking this last week. I was in at Number ONE – the local Community Hub in Banchory. I’ve taken on a new part-time role under Deeside CAN, which involves me co-ordinating with a team of Volunteers who go round our local Co-Op, Tesco & Morrisons late in the evening, 3 nights a week and collect food which is surplus, going out of date, or perhaps has damaged packaging. The volunteers collect this, bring it back to NumberONE and the following day, the doors are opened and the community can help themselves. I schedule who and where, and also aim to plan for mini events focussed around reducing waste overall. Circular economies, permaculture, community and more…

The aim of the game is to reduce food waste going to landfill and reduce packaging going to landfill.

So, last week, I was in, sorting out signboards, planning for a waste cafe and chat event, and there was this amazing BUZZ of people dropping in, chatting, laughing, sharing hugs… People who hadn’t seen each other for years – and I’m not just talking Covid years, I’m meaning 5 years and more. People dropping in with projects that they’re working on with a community focus, or a garden focus, or a health focus – and simply sharing. Artists painting a beautiful mural on the wall, sunshine streaming in – and that sense of possibility and joy simply at the opportunity of coming together.

Sharing information, sharing news about the networks, sharing job opportunites. Sharing laughter.

Jennifer Brodie from The Future Forest Company (worth taking a look at this by the way) dropped by with some extra perennial Kale that she was wondering if anyone would like – People’s eyes lit up with glee at seeing it!

Gales of laughter as we talked about how to plant it – And so many taking it home to plant in their own gardens. I’d taken in excess rhubarb from my garden – Sue was delighted – her rhubarb hadn’t survived the winter and had a yen for Rhubarb crumble… Someone else was commenting that they’d grown too many tomato seedlings – would we use them…

Yes, yes and YES!

It was wonderful – just this buzz of energy, people dropping in and out, sharing surplus, strengthening friendships and community…

Morag, Sue & Jennifer
Taunton Deane Kale

Jean, who runs NumberONE had this smile on her face. She’s the type of person who you approach with an idea, and she goes YES, let’s do it. And if, it’s time has come – it takes off. If it hasn’t or if you’re getting exhausted and wrung out trying to push a project forward, she says “Stop. Create a vacuum. If it’s the right time for that idea, someone else will step forward and champion it on to the next step. If it’s not, it’s not the right time for that idea – YET. And to wait, until that idea’s time has come.”

Great wisdom. Idea have their own weight, and when it’s the right time – they gather momentum, gravity, power and take on a life of their own! They buzz – and there is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come. I’m loving the snowball of ideas that are gathering, buzzing and expanding within the spaces I’m finding myself in these days. And how the energy of these carries over to the Soul-Focus work I’m doing. Nourishment on so many levels for me!

What ideas are finding their time for you right now? What’s nourishing you – Heart, Soul, Earth practicalities? I’d love for you to share them!


4 responses to “Buzzing Powerful Ideas…”

  1. I had a wonderful idea I have been mulling over since before the pandemic occurred and I wanted to push it along, but now I see once I release resistance and go with the flow that I will know which way the path to follow. Many thanks Morag! 🤍💡🙏🏽


    • My pleasure hun! I always have LOADS of ideas… Some of them have taken YEARS to get started, others spark up so quick! I’m learning more and more to flow with that go… 😘


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