Trees, Trees, Trees…

Shew, what a week it has been! Quick update about a course starting TOMORROW! So far, I’ve only been keeping the beauties who have been doing Tree meditations with me up-to-date… Time to poke my head up above the parapet a bit..

For me, this week has been fiery, fast moving and diving down into those mercury retrograde moments… 😉 

I hope you are well.  I hope you finding moments of gentleness in amongst the mayhem, to look for fairies, and to spend time with Beauty… Listening. Feeling. Being.
And if at all possible, I hope that you have been breathing deep with a tree or two close by.  And moving beyond any of those old patterns which are surfacing… – You know the ones – the ones which no longer serve the radiant beauty of who you are today… Time to heal! 😉 💜

Starting Journeying with Trees tomorrow. Whoop whoop! 💚💜

And, you can join at any time during the year as it “rolls over” into the next year…

It’s a Year long extravaganza with a 90 minute live session every 28 days, recordings, meditations, ceremony and practice, written content etc in the course notes – All focussed around taking us deeper into connection with Trees, their energy, stories and how we can connect with them MORE. In ways you may not have thought of yet.   (I’m working towards streamlining that part and a community area in there – I’m excited about it as I think it will make things luscious and easier all round…) 

If you want to come along and join for just one session to see if this is for you, let me know? I’m happy to do that too. No charge on that.

Voucher for it is HEARTANDSOUL – please feel free to make use of it. If you go to the “Sign up Now” page and enter it there, you’ll get a range of prices.  You can either pay there, then, or go to Paypal and use the PayPal link to enter the amount you choose… 

I’ll have the information on Nourish (a 7 week weekly course starting 26th May) available soon…. 

Shew, like I say, its been a busy week!

In Joy, and with Gratitude for your presence on the planet… 

Oh, and if you do get a moment to breathe and be still… Consider where you might plant a tree won’t you please? Breathing and all of that y’know? 😘



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