From Whale Sharks to Kindness Diary 2022 #BeTheRipple

Whoop whoop! Busy days…. LOVING my “work”! What about you?

Loving that space of the shape of my “work” being constantly evolving, constantly growing… – ALWAYS shining and making my Heart smile… That edge of facing fears and going beyond… Spreading sunshine, inspiring joy, the importance of the little things…. Mindfulness in each moment… Looking at what can be crafted, together where possible, even when we are on opposite sides of the globe… The resilience in and of community…. Loving more.

The funny thing is… Back in the day, I used to describe my work as “Sharing the Beauty I see. Underwater.” Because I was a Scuba Diving Instructor, and sharing beauty (underwater) was what brought me Joy. It was my desire to share the beauty that I saw down there, which called me into being a Scuba Instructor. And, along the way, we built a camp in the bush and played a role in a small piece of a civil war affected area in Mozambique, watching it transform into a tourist destination…-with all the learning curves that go along with that.. Schools got built, restaurants popped up, crafts were sold, jobs were created – and the area thrived… Many of the people I used to sit out at night with, watching the stars and listening to the waves are still there. Raising children, taking people swimming with dolphins, helping each other to rebuild after fires – and pandemics.

Life happened, injuries put paid to that career for me…. And turned my focus to questioning who I was, what I was here to do – which led me into Reiki, Colour Therapy, Massage, Holistic Health, Meditation and so much more…

Now, I’m beginning to realise that my work now, really and truly, is still about Sharing the Beauty I see. Everywhere. In Every Moment…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s actually pretty hard to say “this is what I do”, because there are so many elements to it…. So much that I love to do and share. So much that I am passionate about, and inspired by.

But ultimately, for me, my work is really still about Sharing the Beauty I see in the world around me. And letting that pull me forward into creating, crafting, visioning the “What comes Next?”.

As humans, we seem to be constantly reaching, constantly visioning what “more” we can do… What else is there to do? What could be better, bigger, greater, feed more people, house more – there are so many visions, so many ways of perceiving or building or coming together. And what we each create individually – or collectively – has the capacity to outlast our little role, our piece in the puzzle.

I like that. That what we craft and create continues to grow and outlast us as individuals. And I like that, each one of us constantly has a choice which we are able to make. Whether what we are crafting now – that pebble if you like that gets thrown into the pond of life experiences – is a source of beauty and inspiration. Or not. It might start off as that – but other ripples might come along, disrupt things, change them – and set up a new direction. So, it helps to be mindful in each moment. To check in, to question, “Is this a reflection of beauty and kindness I want to be casting out into the world in this moment? Does this vision need changing, adjusting, seasoning….? Does this reflect the truth of who I am in this moment….?” And to allow for that moment of mindfulness to pull me forward….

I like that my most recent crafting with a bunch of awesome beings has finally landed in my sense of “Hey, I made this! And actually, it’s pretty cool. It has this word of the day that helps me focus…. Actually, wow, this is a pretty awesome tool…” (Yea, we are into January, I’ve been using the Diary for nearly a month now and all of a sudden – I got this rush of wow about it…! And pride in the ownership of having had a role in it…)

From Nudibranchs and Whale Sharks off the coast of Mozambique to working from home in Scotland crafting a Kindness Diary with colleagues in Wales, the Isle of Wight, Australia and America – I love my work. Seeing Beauty Everywhere. Inspiring. Building. Spreading Sunshine. Visioning the 7 generations… ๐Ÿ˜˜ – That quote from the front page of the Kindness Diary 2022 “What we do in life ripples in eternity…” is rippling through my being today…

I hope, whoever you are and wherever you are, that you find moments in your day, of inspiration, joy, beauty… I hope your work pulls you forward into the dream of what you are creating…

Want to know more about the Kindness Diary 2022? Take a look here – it’s on Amazon…. Nice and easy to find, and worldwide… And, yip – I’ll be doing another one next year… Send me your favourite, inspiring quotes for it won’t you please? ๐Ÿ˜˜


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