Seeing Beauty, everywhere. Inspired by this, and inspiring others…

Just dived into a session with my friend Paul Williamson… Led to book in with him by a sense of an intuition. A “niggle” that there was something coming up within me, or something for me to pay more attention to – But wasn’t able to get a firm enough grip on it to put it into words until today.

Today, working with him, I once again dived into visioning the future – lives ahead from here and now, and came back to the here and now with insights which – gently – shape the work I am called towards…

So simple. So powerful. “To see the Beauty, in each moment, of the person in front of me. How this lifts them, inspires them, supports them in being able to achieve more. Access more of their own Highest Potential. That this is “ALL” I need to be doing within this moment.” So simple, and the laughing sense of the bills will come… (I know they will, in more ways than one… 😉 )

At the moment, I’m feeling the pull to be more visible. And whilst it is exciting, it is also scary to me. It’s a good thing I’m a bit of an adrenalin junkie and love to dive in where those fears are… Create more content. Write more. Craft products. A YouTube channel. Step out of my comfort zone… and work with more people, do more. Sharing what I know and see. Push my personal comfort zone. It’s an interesting space as I also have to balance this against being a full time mom, paying the bills and listening to those intuitions within me, that keep calling me forward. The ones I was told so long ago were “not sensible”.

The ones that spoke about the importance of Gratitude. Being Kind. Seeing Beauty everywhere. Looking for the highest and best good in each person I work with or encounter. The intuitions which have saved my life, more than once, and called me forward into being at peace, in touch with my heart, honest and gentle… The ones that didn’t make sense in some of the “jobs” I worked within, that also left me feeling vulnerable for months on end – and later, saw the people I worked with, moving into places where they simply shine! Sharing the truth of who they are, and the things they are passionate about…. Doing the very things they told me not to do when I first knew them and worked alongside them, or with them…

Simple things, with so much power…. Gratitude. Beauty. Intuition. Inspiration. Opening to access “more”. Lifting each other up.

Let’s do this….

I was guided to work with Paul around 14 years ago – he’s a hypnotherapist who was, at one point, focussed around Past Life Regression work. At the time, my attitude was very much “There’s enough going on in THIS life without bringing up the past lives too…”

Little did we know when we first set out to do some work together…

Along the way, we dived into exploring a life set in my Future Reality. “No more going back, the Future is where your answers lie” is one of the messages given in the first session we journeyed into…. Paul has since worked with others, and his own awareness, writing a series of books exploring reality, and one of them in particular goes further into exploring the future of humanity. It is called “The Division” and so much of what I saw in that Future Reality session is in there… It is powerful, calling us forward into questioning who we are, why we are here, and what is the world that we are working towards creating…

And, very much, the vision I hold of the world we are working towards creating – the experience I had in that future, shapes the work I do here and now.

Gratitude. Beauty. Joy. Love. Lifting each other up. Seeing Beauty everywhere…


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