13/09 This week ahead…

How are you today?

The struggle is real…. To send out updates and invitations to doing-ness!

I get so busy doing that I forget… Are you the same? If you fancy coming for a play, I’d love to!

So, here’s what’s happening this week in my own world! 

Having a one-to-one session with Paul Williamson for me – clearing something within me, expanding on “what’s next” and gaining insights into “the work”.  That future reality I keep seeing,  focussed around Love, Deep Connection with each other, the Earth beneath our feet, the World all around us – the  Energy of this.. The sustainability of this, the practise of this and the how of this… And how utterly, heart-wrenching beautiful it truly is…. 

Ongoing this week – Writing the “33 day Into Flow” Intuition & Mindfulness content – and sharing it with you all! It feels like you guys & gals are my Beta group, testing stuff before it goes out into the wide wide world…. A huge thank you for this, and for supporting me in grounding this into the world…

Tonight Monday 13th Sept, Open healing circle – Open to any who want to join, 8pm UK time, via Zoom. For yourself, for all your relations, and for the earth

Tuesday 14th Sept, Live Meditation – Open to any who want to join, 9am, UK time, via Zoom.If you would like to join, please DM, email, or WhatsApp me for links…

Thursday – 15th Sept, Embed Love – Bespoke Course for those who are signed up. 8pm on Zoom. 

Friday – 16th Sept, Connecting with Trees, – Bespoke Course for those who are signed up.  8pm on Zoom. 

Saturday – 17th Sept, Soul Support Meditation & session, 8pm, for those on the membership. 

And in between all this, crafting posters, the Soul-focussed Journal I’ve been working towards, one-to-one sessions, & Mommying a growing boy… 

Seeing Beauty, everywhere.  Inspired by this, and inspiring others…

I reckon that is probably plenty to be getting on with don’t you? 😉 

Sending you, my love, my light, and wishes for a day filled with moments of gratitude, and reflections of Beauty…. Morag


One response to “13/09 This week ahead…”

  1. Hi Morag

    Please could I do your meditation this morning? Please could you send me the zoom link?
    Is it normally just for half an hour.

    Much love
    Julie xx

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