Hello Beauties!

How are you all?

I’ve got some courses coming up! You’ll have seen some of them loading as individual posts today – whoop whooop – Or come take a look on my course page ! 😉 ❤ I’d love to share time and space with you! 

Well, I think I maybe have learnt my lesson – Do LESS during school holidays, not more!  Trying to balance so much during the holidays, create content & courses, write – AND play with a small young man and go on adventures – I think I exhausted myself out a few times and got a bit out of balance?!!! My lovelies – I’m sorry.  If anyone is waiting for promised flower essences or anything else and I just didn’t get them to you – please let me know?  I got a tad overwhelmed and simply retreated into my cave during the holidays, plus struggling with low iron / exhaustion levels.  I think I maybe need to do less so as to do more? 😉 

The last year or so has been a bit of an epic journey in creating courses online – what works for you, me and the practicalities of it all. AND such a delight in sharing these with you and growing them.  More and more, I find that I am loving this way of working – and the possibilities which it opens – both for now, and “stuff” still to come in the future! Watch this space for more ❤ (First, I just have to challenge myself to still get into a regular routine of writing… 😉 ) 

I am so grateful for the support and the encouragement so many of you have given me during this last 18months… Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! It has been tough, and wonderful, and simply marvellous too in amongst all the isolation of covid, single parenting and home-schooling.

Doing these courses, the one-to-one sessions, the membership – This is in fact the work I first intuited and dreamt of doing 15 years or so ago – trying to set online courses up back then had a whole different set of challenges to what it is like now. Doing this now – feels so right. And beyond that, it feels great to come back in to doing the work asked of me by Soul. Becoming a mom, then a single mom meant I stopped for a while to focus on family. Coming back into doing all of this, feels in many ways like a very deep “Coming home”. Within this, the writing of the courses, and the teaching itself, there has been a deep self-reflective process – “What is it that I am truly here to share, in this moment… What is the truth, depth, and passion in this moment? What is the core at the heart of all the doing….?” Like all self-reflection processes – it keeps unfolding…. Although, beauty, intuition and visioning stand out as the 3 core elements again and again for me as aspects of my “work”.

And I truly believe and feel that there is “More” still to come. More transformation, more change, more healing – more growth.  Because we are alive, we are here, and our planet – and indeed culture & expectations globally  are experiencing such profound changes daily… We are, daily, creating the Future we vision… as well as our present moment.  To know if you are in the present?  Breathe.  Watch your breathing, be aware of it, focus on it – that is one of the most powerful – and gentle techniques for grounding yourself in the present moment… 

Courses coming up:  

Into Connection, Into Flow – a free or by donation 33 day practise of grounding and deepening into Sacred Connection and Flow…. Starting Friday 20th August.  Join then, or at any time during the 33 days…. Self-study, MAYBE some live calls if the group asks for it and the timing works… 😉 

Connecting with Trees – Similar to the ones I’ve done before, but different with more of a focus on connecting with each tree, and receiving healing and guidance from the tree – so, more of shamanic journeywork with each tree rather than tuning in and me telling you what the tree is about…. I’ll be adding less WRITTEN information on each tree, but adding a video instead about each tree along with our meditation video.  This is because I am simply noticing people are not accessing the written information – it takes ages to write it out, but its quick to record the information…. We’ll still tune in and share insights though… ALSO STARTING Friday 20th August, 8pm UK time, – Live Zoom call.

Embed Love – a 7 week Bespoke Course, embedding love into ourselves, our everyday and into the world around us.  Self-healing, and focus given how, as we embed love into ourselves, we create pockets of Love which support the transformation going on in the world around us. The practical aspects of this, the healing effect of this as a practise, and why it is important in the world we live in – as well as the gift it brings to the world we are creating…. Starts 26th August. Weekly sessions, 8pm UK Time, Thursdays, Live Zoom call & recording shared to your box. Some written and or pre-recorded content shared in the course content pages too.

Intuition Development Circle – dates have changed to starting 14th October for this. An Intuition Development Circle, to practise connecting in, opening to receive and share intuitions.  Practically, and respectfully – and the healing energy which is generated as we do this…. This will again be Zoom sessions, on a Thursday evening at 8pm, UK time. Recordings shared to your email and some written content….

Members group – keep in mind to use your Discount codes, or if you’ve done courses with me before – those codes are still eligible…. 

There is also a Chakra course about to be released – more on this VERY soon, but it is creative, healing and deeply nourishing… Crafted by Carola, with a few bits and pieces from me I am very much looking forward to this – an opportunity to focus on each of the Chakras, addressing patterns and nourishing each Chakra and the powerful energy this practise brings. Catalyst for creativity and change right there – details coming soon! 😉 

I am also planning to release the journal I’ve been creating for the last year at the end of October – Shining Soul – with lots of awesome techniques and practises for healing and transformation… I’m planning for this to have links to some of the meditations or introductions to courses we’ve done over the last year embedded within it. The intention of this Journal is that it is a tool to support your clarity, your intention setting and your manifestations – to Support your Shining Soul and your practise…. I’ve been loving creating this in amongst the day to day… 😉 ❤ I really hope I meet my own deadline and that, if I do, you all enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it! 😊

If anyone would like individual Zoom sessions with me, or knows someone who does, please keep in mind that I am back to doing these, in addition to some hands-on work on bodies and tickling the soil in my garden with permaculture practises… So many adventures every day… So much love!

Oceans of love to you. 

It is an honour and a joy to share this space and time on the planet with you…. 

Love, light and laughter,  


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