Updates, & a Poll…

Hello lovelies! 

I am sorry I’ve not been in touch – just trying to organise and sort logistics, update where things need updating – or changing – like Christmas references in the January Intuition Development Circle, and planning ahead a bit… Discovered that I was really tiered and as my energy lifts – the inspiration starts flowing…. 😉 

I’m attaching a doodle poll – I’d love it if you could take a moment and fill out bits in there?  It would help with planning and logistics immensely! Here it is : http://www.poll-maker.com/QP7VLQTRW

I’ve been talking about the membership page / access for months now – and just in the process of creating the logistical gateway / physical support structure to allow that to happen… Affiliates and all of that is part of the plan here… 😉 

In the poll I talk about an Equinox Meditation this weekend – that would be free, the Intuition development practise on a Tuesday and Marvellous Meditations are going to be part of the membership package… 

And I mentioned a course I was looking to start : Deepening into Connection, Deepening into Healing – I’ve been struggling to get clarity on this – waiting for Intuitions and clarity on this, which has now come through at last! (Yeeeeehaaa, I love it when that flow happens…) Start date for this will be 8th April – it will be 7 weeks of Ancestral healing and connection, Future Self Visioning and connecting – and grounding this into the practical here and now… I’m looking forward to it! On my website, I will simply call it “Deepening”.  As soon as I have a link for this, I will be sending it out to you… ❤

The NEXT Tree Connection course – so the next set of 6 – will be starting on 16th April – if you want to sign up for that, the link is here

And Following on from the Deepening course, it may be that Carola & I share with you the Chakra and Kundalini course, it may be that we do another Intuition Development Circle… Or it may be something completely different!  😉 We’ll have to wait and see how the stars and the energy aligns… ❤

I’m curious too, to see who is joining in for Patricia Angove’s talk on Thursday? I am so excited about this – I love Patricia’s energy, and her work, and the inspiration it brings to me – I feel a little bit like that little girl in pigtails who is jumping up and down at the back of the class with excitement! If you haven’t signed up to it as yet, these are the details: Free online Talk – Surviving or Flourishing in these Times, Thursday 18th March 2021 6.30pm UK time 7.30 German and Austrian time and 8.30 South African time This talk will be in English with German translation given by Susanne Ferril Please email Patricia to register with your name, where you live (country/county) and she will send you a zoom invite closer to the time. patricia.angove@btinternet.com

Last but not least, in the back of my mind and along the edges of everything else, I am still creating the Workbook – Soul Support.  I have a list of questions and practises I’m putting in – but I’m curious, and guided, to ask you, when you consider your life purpose, and being here now, what are the questions that you ask yourself daily? Please share these with me…?

 Love, light and laughter, Morag


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