K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, Sweetheart.

The most powerful things we can do, are also often the simplest. We look for ways of changing them, making them more important. We look for a structure to follow, a routine, a practise… These things can give our minds a path to follow. And this is good. It is important for our minds to be occupied following this path…

And then, as we get used to following this path, something profound starts to happen. We slow down. Our breathing deepens. We pay more attention to our bodies, – the feelings, sensations and emotions coming up. And all of this – particularly in times of great change are so important.

And, then – the mind goes quiet…

And this amazing energy arises inside of ourselves! This force!

And the only way to describe it, is LOVE.

We look at people differently. Some people seem to shine out at us. There is a pull to talk to them… When we do – there is a synchronicity, a meeting of minds and thoughts which act as a catapult, taking each one of us deeper into understanding of our own life paths. A co-incidence of something needed being offered by the other, a gift of time, and energy being exchanged, or something practical – flour, eggs, seeds, cement.

When we walk with this amazing energy, when we live with this force of energy – this LOVE – in our day to day lives, something amazing begins to happen.

Our minds quiet, judgements and preconceptions of others begins to fall away. Synchronicity occurs. Magical miracles in the everyday. Our breathing slows, our body softens. And there is space for more.

And we come back to our everyday practises, loving the routine. Loving the practise. Loving the structure. Not needing it, but following it nonetheless. Because it keeps our mind occupied and leaves space for this amazing force of energy to rise up within ourselves…. And, there begins to be space to realise that it is the simple things which count. Not the name, or where it originated from, or which master’s lineage.

Just, the breath, the flow, the energy, the body. The Being.

Today, I wish for you that k.i.s.s. That profound moment that happens when we can each keep it simple…


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