Get Connected.

Musings, meditations and flower essences to support.

Intro & Breathing Exercise
Going Deeper

So, what does it mean to “Get Connected”?  Or to live from a place of connection? Feel the connection?

The truth is we are all connected – every one of us – to this earth beneath our feet, and to each other. We are part of an interwoven web of energy, life forms, beings and consciousness. We are stardust, made manifest into physical, walking, talking, breathing bodies.  As are the life forms around us…. We take in stardust in the form of food we eat – nutrients to build our bodies, and when we are done – our bodies return to stardust.  We breath in, we breath out – sharing the air with billions of other beings on this planet…. We drink water which falls from the sky, flows through rivers, into oceans, and evaporates in a continuous cycle.  Water holds memory. And, it is a finite resource on this planet.  Many of us forget this easily, turning on taps without consciously considering where this water comes from.  Or where it goes after passing through our bodies.  We are all inter-dependant on each other for the breath we take, the bones we build and the lives we lead…

Each of us take different forms, and it is only our judgement, a lack of knowledge and our perception, which limits us, causing us to see these beings as different and separated from each other.

With our human lifestyles as they are, for so many of us it is easy to lose track of this depth of connection.  We forget to value this. Family, neighbours, community, global family, all beings.  We don’t know how to hold and maintain this sense of connection.  We forget to maintain it, even if we do know how.  And, we often place our sense of connection with the human over the sense of connection with “All Beings, Planetary wide”.  For a great many of us, it is not something which is taught to us within our everyday cultures.  For many of us, it is an understanding left out of our childhood.  For many of us, it may be something we don’t practise with our own children.  And for many of us, there is or has been an instinctive sense of lack and yearning.  For something more, something nameless…  Something we instinctively know we are missing… We fill it – jobs, career, partner, alcohol, drugs, emotional highs and lows, adrenalin – the list goes on.  And in recent years, there is a great turning – a great searching – as more and more of us are seeking a depth of connection once again with the world around us.  Joanna Macy, environmental activist, author, scholar of Buddhism, general systems theory and deep ecology calls this movement “The Great Turning” and describes this as the essential adventure of our time.  “The shift from the Industrial Growth society to a life-sustaining civilisation.”  And the great news is that, there are practises written, created and gifted to us by so many teachers and wisdom-seekers to support us in “Getting Connected”.  More and more in recent years we are seeing emergence of well-being pathways – eco-psychology, forest bathing – which seek to take us back into connection with nature once again.    

In children – we can see the wonder as they stand and marvel at the world around them.  That instinctive sense of the world around them, as being part of themselves.  Because, for a child – everything is an extension of themselves – until they are taught or learn to separate themselves into “I”, “you”, “me” and “other”.  This instinctive sense of connection, this instinctive sense of wonder is lost.  And, in our healing, deepening into ourselves, our connection with the planet – and our desire to engage with planet health and restoration – planet care – this instinctive sense of wonder is a great first step in simply re-connecting.  Simply creating a practise of wonder – the time to stand and stare.  To take a moment to see and appreciate the beauty around us.  To stop, to watch it, to recognise what it does within yourself, and to appreciate that sense of wonder…. We need a 25th hour in our day – this hour of wonder where we can simply give ourselves permission to stand and stare, taking in the beauty around us with the awe and wonder of a child….  With our goal orientated, busy, work focussed lives, many of us simply don’t know how to.  We live in a city perhaps, thinking that there are no areas of natural beauty around us.  We forget to look for it.  And so, we walk right past that patch of weeds, flowering beautifully and offering a resting place for bees… 

Re-training ourselves to look for the wonder and see the beauty – in each moment – is a powerful first step to take. Giving ourselves permission to take the time and stop, and stare…. This is a powerful practise.  It moves us out of our rush, work orientated mode and into a beauty seeking, beauty appreciating wonder mode…  Actively taking the opportunity to look for wonder, to look for beauty is a mindset which then sets us up to see more of it.  As we see more of it, it opens us up to seeing more of it – and then slowly, actively beginning to care for it and create more spaces for wild, wonderful natural beauty. 

For whatever reason, this instinctive sense of wonder and connection has become lost…. And we need to retrain ourselves as to what it is, how to do it. We need to value it.  We need to give ourselves permission to create or have the time to seek these moments of beauty appreciation and wonder.  And value these for the sense of connection they build within ourselves.  And then we need do the work of gifting this into our children’s lives so that it is a constant ongoing conscious practise of connection.  Doing this, puts the well-being of the planet, and of all our future generations into a core role in our lives.  We become custodians and guardians of the land around us, and all the beings, recognising our place in the whole.  Valuing our sense of connection as part of the whole.  Not separate from, greater than, smaller than… simply part of the whole. 

With each breath in we take, we connect more deeply.  With each breath out, we feed another part of the life forms on this planet.  It is easy to forget this as a very simple core practise of connection.  

And it is a great place to start. 

So, let’s do that now.

Meditation: Breath practise

Get comfortable.  Try sit in such a way that your back is supported.  Or you may choose to do this as a standing or a walking practise.  Whatever works and fits within your time schedule for the day – lets just do it. 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15minutes, 45 minutes.  Whatever time frame you have in your day that you feel able to give over to this, lets do so now.

Focus on your breath in.  Just breathing in.

Feeling the breath coming into your body. 

Feel how your body responds.  Ribs rising, stomach extending…. Notice if your shoulders move at all…

And Breathe out. 

Feeling the breath tickling over your lips, leaving your body.

Ribs falling, stomach collapsing.  Once again, notice any movement in your shoulders.

Do it again.

Breathing in.  Focus on your breath in.  Just breathing in.

Feeling the breath coming into your body. 

Feel how your body responds.  Ribs rising, stomach extending…. Notice if your shoulders move at all…

This time, place one hand, or both hands, on your stomach, or just over your belly button.  Doing this may help to make it more conscious of how your body moves as you breathe in.  Is your hand pushed away by the stomach as breath comes into the body?  If so, good.  This means that you are using your diaphragm to breathe which means you are drawing your breath deep into your body.  If its just your shoulders moving, this tells you that you are breathing with just the top portion of your lungs.  Try drawing the breath all the way down and into your hand…. Imagine it, pretend you can see inside your body and imagine a column of air being drawn over your lips, all the way down to where your hand is… Leave the logistics of the “how to” up to your body.  Just imagine it.

And when you are ready,


Let this breath flow out from your body.

Breathing out.

 Feeling the breath tickling over your lips, leaving your body.

Ribs falling, stomach collapsing.  Once again, notice any movement in your shoulders.  Notice those hands over your belly button – do they collapse inwards towards your core?  If so, good.  It means your diaphragm is relaxing and any stress held in the belly is leaving your body along with your breath….

And do it all again.

Just consciously breathing.

Ok. 4th time breathing, we are going to add in an extra step now, practising deepening into connection….

The breath you breathe in comes from the trees and plants around you.

So, this time as you breath is, pretend that you can see in your imagination this breath, this air you are breathing in.  Give it a colour if you like, or just let it shimmer.  And breath this in.

When you breathe this out, in your imagination, see it going directly to the trees or plants around you.  And see that plant or tree breathing it in…. When it comes time to take your next breath in – see it coming directly to you from this plant.  As this plant or tree breathes out – you breathe in.  As you breathe out, this plant breathes in. 

Consciously, just practise just this.  Breathing out as the plants and trees around you breathe in.  Breathing in as the plants and trees around you breathe in.  Just breathing.  Sharing the air…

It doesn’t matter if you are in a city, or an office, or your room at home.  If you are surrounded by plants and trees, or not.  Their presence is always there.  If you can see them around you – great.  If not, allowing yourself to pretend using your imagination, or a picture is a useful aid.

Just breathe.  Consciously breathe.

Well done.  You are getting more connected already!

When you are ready, feel free to return to your everyday breathing, your everyday practise.  And just take notice of the world around you.  The colours, the faces, the shapes.  Your own energy levels and your inspiration for the day ahead of you.

Deepening the practise.

So, lets go deeper into this connection.  This time, it would be good if you can either be outside or within eyesight of a living plant.  Even if this is a houseplant, that works too.

Get comfortable.  Try sit in such a way that your back is supported.  Or you may choose to do this as a standing or a walking practise.  Whatever works and fits within your time schedule for the day – let’s just do it. 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15minutes, 45 minutes.  Whatever time frame you have in your day that you feel able to give over to this, let’s do so now.   For the first time you do this deepening practise, I do suggest you sit comfortably and give yourself some time to really settle into it.  As you get more comfortable with this as a practise, you may find that it becomes more of a walking, everyday practise.  It may become a day long exercise – brilliant.  Your time, your energy, your motivation, your depth of connection.  Go where you can with it.

Start off with the same breathing exercise as before. 

Just breathing.  Consciously breathing. 

For now, that’s all we need to do. 

Noticing the breath as it moves into and through the body, releasing as the diaphragm relaxes. Imagining and feeling into this flow of air between yourself and the plants and trees around you, or just the plant in front of you.  Your brain will probably try jump in, explaining the way plants breathe, photosynthesis, night-time, sunlight. That’s ok, let it – and come back to your breath.

Just breathing.

It is the most important tool you have for deepening connection at this time….

Just breathing.

And rest your gaze – softly – on this plant. Soften your focus so that you are resting, instead of concentrating on this plant.  If you are outside and surrounded by plants, just rest your gaze, and let it go where it needs to go.  It may be that the plant you picked out to focus on isn’t the way where your gaze goes – that’s fine.  There is a wisdom to these things, trust it and relax into your breathing.

Just breathing and resting your focus.  Consciously breathing.  Following the flow of this breath.

At some point, when you are ready, as you breathe out, quietly Thank this plant. This can be silent within yourself, as the breath leaves you, thanking this plant. Notice the shape, colour, texture of the plant.  Leaves, flowers, fruit, stem – the whole of its shape.  And just, as the breath comes back into your body, say quietly “I appreciate you”.  Again, this can be silently within yourself. 

Keep breathing, consciously noticing this plant, resting your gaze in a soft focus, giving your thanks and appreciation to the plant.  What you breathe out, this plant converts your breath out into air for you to breathe in.  Your breath contains valuable nutrients this plant needs in order to grow and thrive….  Breathing out, “Thank you”.  Breathing in, “I appreciate you”.

As you do this, stay aware.  Notice your emotions. Notice if your sense of the plant changes – do you start to see it differently?  Is your gaze drawn to a particular area or part of the plant, or to other plants?  Whatever happens, stay with this.  Be open, keep breathing and just notice what happens. Soften your focus, consciously breathing.  Breathing out, “Thank you”.  Breathing in, “I appreciate you”.

Breathing.  You may wish to say, “I appreciate the beauty in you.”  Just notice.  Or, it may be, “I see the beauty within you”.

Consciously breathing.

Softening your focus, staying with your emotions, noticing how you feel.

You will know when it is time to stop, to bring your focus back into the everyday.  But do keep breathing.  Any actions that spring to mind whilst you are doing this practise – watering yourself, watering the plant – please do so.  Take some time before you go back into the busy-i-ness of the day.

Repeat this practise as often as you can. And, as you do so, take notice of what happens with this plant, and with your sense of connection generally. 

Top tip:  Once you have done this a time or two, try this as a walking meditation. Deepen into this even further – Try this with any and all living beings around you.  Work colleagues, children, pets, strangers on the train… You don’t necessarily need to mutter to them, “Thank you, I see the Beauty in you” whilst gazing softly into their eyes.  Simply hold the awareness of this energy and thought within yourself whilst going through your day to day and engaging with others.  And, simply notice what happens, how you feel and how others respond to you. 

One thing:  For some people, having someone see them and appreciate their beauty can be a scary experience – and they may lash out, get angry or expressive.  This is their stuff and it is being triggered by your Presence.  Allow it and come back to your breath.  You are doing this as an exercise in connectivity after all.  Try to take nothing personally, simply breathe, see the beauty and notice what happens…

And, another:  Getting connected means opening yourself up to feeling more.  You know what?  You got this! You have infinite strength, compassion and resilience to be able to do this.  You are here, now, to be Present and Connected, here and now.  You are here to share YOU with the planet and the beings around you. And you have a gift to share into the whole.  The gift of your connection to the whole – well, darling heart, it adds to the whole. So, thank you. For your courage and your connectivity. And your feeling more….

Tools to further support you:  

Getting more connected – to the world around us – and to ourselves can also mean emotions come up. Which is fantastic as it can mean we are becoming more sensitive.  Or we become aware that “something” is blocked, and we want to shift it.  Again – sensitivity is increasing.  A fantastic tool for supporting our emotions is flower essences. 

There are flower essences which also support building connection. Different countries, different individuals produce different essences – which can all have slightly different effects.  The ones you choose will be relevant to you.  It may be that you feel a resonance with a particular flower and choose to take that essence. It may be that you recognise a particular emotional state and choose flower essences to work with that.  Whatever method works for you.  However, do try to give yourself time in-between flower essences if you are taking them, work with a flower essence practioner and limit the number of essences you take at any one time.

For supporting and building connection, these are the ones I prefer, or have used over the years, along with my favourite suppliers:

Australian Bush Flower Essence:

Boab, Fringed Violet and Angelsword used in combination

Red Suva Frangipani to support the heart

English Flower Essences:

Bach – Water Violet

Bailey’s / Yorkshire Flower essences or 

US Flower Essences

Tree Frog Farm

Chocolate Lilly Flower essence

Music, art, inspiring stories, laughing, dancing, friendships – whatever fills your heart with joy and wonder – all of these are tools to further support you. Get connected – and use them! ❤

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